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2013 Show Season Dates
Thursday 26 September 8pm Opening Night
Friday 27 September 8pm Awards Night
Saturday 28 September 2pm & 8pm
Sunday 29 September 5pm
Tuesday 1 October 8pm
Wednesday 2 October 8pm
Thursday 3 October 8pm
Friday 4 October 8pm
Saturday 5 October 2pm & 8pm
Sunday 6 October 2pm
2013 Show Ticket Prices
WOW VIP tables $3800+gst (table of 10)
Individual seats $380+gst
Premium plus $150
Premium $130
Standard $99
Front row restricted view $65
Restricted View $50

Show Venue

TSB Bank Arena, 4 Queens Wharf, Wellington. View map here

Firebird, Susan Holmes, Auckland

Designers - this is
all you need to know

Lucid Epiphany, Sean Purucker, United States


  • Mainfreight/Duffy Books
    Children's Section
  • American Express
    Open Section
  • Weta Workshop
    Costume & Film Section
  • Tourism New Zealand
    Avant Garde Section
  • Gen-i
    Creative Excellence Section
  • CentrePort Man
    Unleashed Section
  • Air New Zealand
    South Pacific Section

Mainfreight/Duffy Books Children's Section

Syncronised Silliness, Karen Gurney, Rangiora
Syncronised Silliness
Karen Gurney, Rangiora

Reinterpret the Tutu

Recreate the theatrical drama of the ballet tutu turning inventive ideas and interesting materials into a work of art to adorn the body. These garments are to be designed by adults for children to wear.

American Express Open Section

Dragged Through a Hedge, Gillian Saunders, Nelson
Dragged Through a Hedge
Gillian Saunders, Nelson

This section has no thematic boundaries and gives the designer complete freedom in concept, construction and materials. This section encourages a high degree of originality and innovation.

Weta Workshop Costume & Film Section

La Danse Macabre Mercy Brewer, Auckland
La Danse Macabre
Mercy Brewer, Auckland

The Crazy Curiosities of the Creature Carnival

Strange surreal characters meet in a world without time. A place where dreams and nightmares come to life. From the beautiful to the bizarre, mysterious to the grotesque, create a costume that crosses the boundaries of wearable art and film.

Tourism New Zealand Avant Garde Section

In The Op, Ling Lai Kit, Hong Kong
In The Op
Ling Lai Kit, Hong Kong

Where art and fashion collide! Create a wearable work of art that is revolutionary, extravagant and extrovert but still stylish and made with skill. Be driven by dreams and fantasies, not commercial reality or the usual restrictions of fashion.

Gen-i Creative Excellence Section

Kin(d)a Puffer, Heather Wallace, Wellington
Kin(d)a Puffer
Heather Wallace, Wellington

Art Forms in Nature

Gather your inspiration from the many images of Ernst Haekel and create a work of art to adorn the body.
The geometrical shapes and natural forms seen in the illustrations of Ernst Haekel have influenced artists, designers and architects to this day.

CentrePort Man Unleashed Section

Wooden Be Seen Dead, Dinah & Mark Walker, Auckland
Wooden Be Seen Dead
Dinah & Mark Walker, Auckland

Psychedelic Revival

Create a garment inspired by the psychedelic era of the 1960's.
Consider the optical and visionary art movements of the sixties (OP Art) experimentation with optical mixing to achieve dazzling colour effects and kaleidoscopically swirling patterns. Create a garment to adorn the man with illusion, shape and form.

Air New Zealand South Pacific Section

Marquise Rawahi, Beatrice Carlson, Auckland
Marquise Rawahi
Beatrice Carlson, Auckland

Gather inspiration from New Zealand's rich Maori culture or other cultures of our South Pacific neighbours.
Celebrate what it is like to live in New Zealand and the South Pacific – the sea, beach, flora, fauna, birds, insects and the wide and wonderful personalities of our unique cultures.


There are seven sections in 2013

Each section has NZ $9,700 worth of prize money

First Place Winner NZ $6,000
Second Place Winner NZ $2,500
Third Place Winner NZ $1,200


The Winners


Watch us on youtube

The Greatest Show, Sophie Littin, Wellington

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